Woodland Hills Cosmetic Dentist TestimonyI absolutely love the complements I have been getting on my new tapered internal implants. My favorite is when friends tell me I look a lot younger. I was scared at the thought of replacing my own teeth with implants, but I was in so much pain that I had no choice. Because my smile now comes effortlessly (and painlessly!), it is easy to see how much happier I am too. Thank you Dr. Chaves, for my new smile…I grade you an A+!
Woodland Hills Cosmetic Dentist TestimonyDear Dr. Chaves, You and your staff were absolutely wonderful and ... well ... solicitous. I am very much satisfied with the results of my lumineers. You and your staff truly went above and beyond with both your services and your kindness. Not only did I get an amazing smile that I'm proud to show off, but you and your staff were so attentive and compassionate throughout the whole process. The lumineers are so beautiful and so natural and I cannot express my gratitude enough.
Woodland Hills Cosmetic Dentist TestimonyAbsolutely love my whiter, and better smile. The new Zoom! Whitening is awesome! I was in your office less than an hour and my smile is white! More than that, I love my new confidence about my smile. I feel beautiful inside and out! On top of that, Dr. Chaves and his staff were fantastic! It shows that they love their work and truly enjoy it. I would highly recommend Dr. John and his staff to anyone.
Woodland Hills Cosmetic Dentist TestimonySome years ago as a teenager, I gave what I call the shy smile - curve my lips up just enough so that I didn't need to show my teeth. My teeth were crooked and yellow. I wished that I had nice, straight, white teeth. After Dr. Chaves explained to me the benefits of Veneers, he 100% right! My Veneers are custom fitted and look absolutely stunning. I didn't have to wait for them to be made the old way. All it took was a few visits to Dr. Chaves' dental clinic for some cosmetic dentistry and Bippity-Boppity-Boo (so to speak), the Veneers results were the perfect smile results. If there ever was a fairy godfather among dentists, it'd be you, Dr. John Chaves.
Woodland Hills Cosmetic Dentist TestimonyI'd like to give a shout out to Woodland Hills Dentist. I didn't have a huge budget for my teeth, but the Zoom! Whitening was an affordable option that made a huge difference in my smile with super fast results. To walk in with yellowed teeth and walk out an hour later looking brand new was the most gratifying feeling. The Zoom! Whitening was something I'd never heard of until I met Dr. Chaves and his team, but I am so glad that I did. Thanks to John and staff, for working with me on my price range- low cost, but huge results!
Woodland Hills Cosmetic Dentist TestimonyDear Dr. Chaves, thank you for the porcelain veneers. My teeth had very thin enamel, and eating or drinking anything outside of room temperature was excruciating- not to mention brushing was hard too. But the porcelain veneers are strong and protect my teeth so that now hot coffee is no problem! They look beautiful too! Your porcelain veneers changed the quality of my life exponentially and for that I thank you to no end.
Woodland Hills Cosmetic Dentist TestimonyDear Dr. Chaves and staff, I am very happy with my dental implants. I was suffering from a form of premature bone loss, causing my teeth to weaken. But the Dental Implant Therapy I opted for is incredible. I am too young to be suffering as I was. Thank you Dr. Chaves, to you and your entire staff.
Woodland Hills Cosmetic Dentist TestimonyThank you for the absolutely skilled cosmetic dentistry. I love the lumineers. They blend right in with my natural teeth, but took care of some of the crookedness I was embarrassed by. Not only that, but the procedure was so easy. Two visits and my lumineers were in place for good!


Some pictures are not an accurate depiction of the original writer of the testimony.

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