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Thank you for visiting our Woodland Hills Dentist website, where our staff is dedicated to not only restoring your teeth and gums, but where we also focus on taking preventative measures so your teeth stay that way! Our goal is to arm you with as much information as possible and help you continue to maintain a beautiful, healthy smile.

Come visit our office where you will find yourself in a small, friendly environment and a helpful, calming staff. Nothing can be more anxiety-inducing than going to the dentist sometimes, but at Woodland Hills Dentist we work hard to ease that stress. Our approach is to inform you as to what your treatments options are and to involve you in every dental decision.

At Woodland Hills Dentist, our staff has the best education and experience available in the Cosmetic Dentistry field. We specialize in various aspects of Cosmetic Dentistry, including Root Canal Therapy, Dental Implant Therapy Crown and Bridge, Dental Veneers, Tooth Whitening, Porcelain Crowns, Prosthetics, Pain Management, and more.

Our mission is to provide you with the very best in dental care, and in as caring, nurturing, and supportive of a manner possible. You donít have to suffer from dental complications any longer. Contact Woodland Hills Dentist today and get started on the path to a brighter, healthier, and happier smile; you deserve it!

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Our Woodland Hills Dentist:

At Woodland Hills Dental Centre, we work hard to bring you top-of-the-line dental procedures. Designed to deliver dazzling, healthy smiles, we take the extra measures necessary to ensure painless procedures for even the most sensitive of mouths.

Some of our services include:

Not sure if we are really as good as we say we are? Don't take our word for it. Read some of the touching stories of clients whose smiles and lives have been affected by the promise of a new smile. No longer will you have to live in discomfort from your teeth. Take a closer look at modern cosmetic dentistry and how effective it truly is. We don't have to keep telling you; the stories speak for themselves.

Behind the scenes of the Woodland Hills Dental Centre is the sharp intellect and driven passion of Dr. John Chaves. For two decades Dr. Chaves has been on the forefront of the newest dental procedures, and his dedication is evident in the happy smiles of his customers whose lives have been reshaped by his work.





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