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Dr. Chaves Explains How Dentures Aren’t Your Only Full Mouth Replacement Option! Dental Implants Could Be The Answer

Reclaim Your Complete Smile

Having a missing or malformed tooth can be an unfortunate reality for millions of people. This not only affects their oral health but also undermines their self-esteem, leading them to feel ashamed of smiling or talking in public. Moreover, it can make even the most basic daily activities, such as eating and brushing, a painful and challenging burden. At John M. Chaves, DDS in Woodland Hills, CA, we understand how frustrating and debilitating this can be. That’s why our award-winning specialty is restoring severely damaged smiles back to a state of perfection with full-mouth dental implants. With more than 30 years of elite training and smile restoration experience, Dr. John Chaves has become a recognized leader in the field of cosmetic and implant dentistry.

Our team at John M. Chaves, DDS understands that no two patients are alike, and therefore we offer personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s specific needs and goals. We believe in the importance of listening to our patients and taking the time to understand their objectives, lifestyle, and dental history. With this approach, we can provide top-tier full-mouth dental implants to patients seeking to replenish their smiles. With implant dentistry, you’ll regain the confidence to smile and live life to the fullest once again!

Full-Mouth Dental Implants Are the Preferred Choice

Compared to the archaic technology of dentures, full-mouth dental implants offer a substantially enhanced fit and far superior functioning. Dentures require the use of dental adhesives to stay in place, can cause mouth sores, and limit dietary choices. In contrast, full-mouth dental implants are permanently affixed to the jaw – meaning they will never slip or migrate over time. Additionally, unlike dentures which irritate the gums and hasten bone loss, implant restorations maintain the strength and integrity of the jawbone and surrounding soft tissue, without harming soft tissue layers making them a durable, long-lasting solution to missing teeth.

Full-mouth dental implants also offer a far more comfortable fit in comparison to bulky, outdated dentures. In fact, many patients claim full arch dental implants fit and function almost as well as natural teeth, if not better. In just a single day of treatment, Dr. John Chaves can provide patients with a stunning new smile built on innovative technology, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge materials. While restoring your smile seems like it may be out of reach, with Dr. Chaves, it’s attainable. Since partnering with a variety of dental insurance carriers and third-party financing companies, we’re able to provide care that’s top tier without the cost.

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Award Winning Craftsmanship

When it comes to smile restoration, it takes a level of precision and skill that’s captivated by our premier dental implant specialist, Dr. Chaves. Our Woodland Hills, CA office is equipped with a highly skilled team and the most advanced dental technology to make your smile goals become a reality. For thousands of families and A-list celebrities, full-mouth dental implants have paved the way to complete smile rehabilitation and we’ve perfected our full-arch dental implant protocol to create truly captivating smiles.

Beginning with an extensive consultation with Dr. Chaves himself, we will discuss your dental concerns and smile goals, perform an oral exam, and obtain digital imaging and x-rays to determine your candidacy. We’ll take this information and build your custom treatment plan which includes your procedure notes, smile goals, and preferred sedation option. We’ll being your full-arch implant procedure by placing your dental implants into your jawbone utilizing our all-on-4 to six treatment protocol. These dental implants will be placed at a 45-degree angle and use either four or six dental implants to provide optimal support. Once placed, Dr. Chaves will attach the abutment and a temporary restoration so you no longer have to experience life without a complete smile! Over the next 3-6 months, the implants will fuse with your jawbone through osseointegration, and we will attach your final restoration, providing you with a lifetime of beautiful, healthy, and functional teeth. With full arch dental implants, you can restore your self-confidence and reap the benefits of a complete, healthy smile!

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